Friday, September 23, 2016

Hello Friends, On this Post i will show you how to create Disclaimer using Transport rules on Exchange 2010. The Disclaimer will be added automatically on every email sent inside or outside the domain. You can customize the transport rules for achieving different results according to your need.
Open EMC -> Organization configuration->Hub transport role -> Transport roles , Right click and create a new transport role.

Here i have created a new Transport Rule and named it as Disclaimer_Test, You can name the transport agent anything according to your convenience.

Don’t check any option on the conditions check box, If you Don’t check any option that implies that the transport rule will apply to the messages. Below is the snapshot of the same.

Hit yes on the pop up and click next, Check the option “Append disclaimer text and fallback to action if unable to apply”

On the Bottom, Click on the Disclaimer text link and Add the Disclaimer text that you want to be sent to all the messages. 

Hit next , On the Exceptions window leave all the boxes unchecked since we don’t want to create any exceptions and then hit new and create the new transport rule.

Now the transport rule is created. Restart the Microsoft Exchange transport service.
Open OWA or Outlook and try to send an email. You will see that the disclaimer text is added to all the emails sent out from the domain.

That is all we need to do add a disclaimer on all the messages sent out from the domain.

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